Tieling Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of CNPC is an enterprise designated by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) for manufacturing petroleum materials and equipment, a grade-A enterprise of medium class in Liaoning Province. Through approval by China National Petroleum Corporation, Tieling Machinery Plant under Northeast China Petroleum Pipeline Administration was restructured into Tieling CNPC Machinery and Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. in 2001.

    Located in Tieling City, 70km north from Shenyang, the Company covers an land area of

140,000 square meters. It is very close the No. 102National Highway and national expressway and has special railway combined with the national railway. The Company enjoys complete communication facilities, rich water and power resources and good production and investment environment. The Company has 468 employes, including 112 engineering and technical personnel and has 15 grass-root units, including research office, quality inspection center, production branches, etc. and fixed assets amounting to RMB 80 million with annual output value of RMB 110 million.

The Company mainly produces sucker rods and Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps of different specifications, Categories, and pressure vessels, rock drilling tools and various non-standard oil and gas pipelines and machinery and electrical products. Our products are widely applied in major oil fields, petroleum and gas pipelines and refineries throughout the country and exported to India, Indonesia, Syria, Sudan, etc. The Company was granted the manufacture license for Categories , and pressure vessels in 1986, passed quality certification for ISO 9002 in 1996 and was granted the production license up to the standards of American Petroleum institute (API). The company’s quality inspection center is a national Class-B metrological unit. The Company possesses up-to-date technology and sophisticated production and testing equipment. The production process is under control strictly according to ISO9002 and the products are manufactured according to the national standards and specifications of API.

The company has powerful technical force consisting of a R & D team full of pioneering spirit. Over the past years, the Company has carried out about 100 projects of technical innovation and research, including 13 projects which have filled the national gap, 28 projects which have won the prizes of technological progress rewarded by CNPC, the province, the city and the petroleum pipeline administration. The triple-segment quick-opening blind flange developed by the Company is an initial patent product through expertise by CNPC and can replace the exported products. Now the product is widely applied in national key pipeline projects of Se-Ning-Lan, Shan-Jing, Northeast China, Northwest China, Cang-Zi, etc.

At present, Tieling Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of CNPC takes scientific research al the guide, satisfying the users’ requirements as the principle and pursues development with innovation, keeping abreast with the international up-to-date technology and supplying satisfactory products and services to the customers.


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