Sinker Bar

Polished rods are manufactured strictly according to the International Standard of Petroleum and Gas of the People Republic of China SY/T 5029-1995 through a number of unique processes, featuring leading technology and reliable quality.

With the application of extracting oil with screw pump, the Company developed a special sucker rods for screw pump Anti-Loosing sucker rods. The Anti-loosing sucker rods can not only bear puling pressure load but also the twisting load with the function of preventing screw stripping so that the accident of rod stripping can be effectively prevented.

Specifications and Main Dimensions of Sinker Bar

加重桿直徑mm 螺紋公稱直徑in 提升頸直徑mm 長度mm
35 15/16 25.4 7620
38 11/16 25.4
13/16 25.4


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